Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Well we had a fun, but short visit in Spokane. Trevor and I had our TEN YEAR high school reunion. I know we are SO OLD!! :) I feel so bad I didn't do very good at taking pictures, I would have really liked to have gotten some pictures of Brody with his cute cousins!! Trevor and I flew with just Brody and the other boys had a BLAST with Trevor's parents, but we found out we would have rather drove and had the rest of the boys be able to have fun with their cousins!! LESSON LEARNED!! I was able to spend some time with my sisters and their cute kids, visit with my parents and Trevor's brother and his family, plus see my grandparents!! We had a blast playing at the river and getting to play on Joel and Amber's boat!! Thanks so much guys, you are so sweet!! As for the reunion, we are glad we went because we got in some quality time with family and Trevor got to spend some time with old friends, but as for our 20Th, I don't foresee us going!! All in all it was a GOOD trip!!My cute Grandma Ruth!! :) Brody had a good time playing with all grandma's cars!! These are all the pictures that were taken, SAD, I know! :(

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


WOW, I can't believe my little baby is already one year old and I am NOT pregnant with another one, now that is such a weird feeling!! I LOVE IT!! Not that I don't love having babies but I am feeling overwhelmed by the four I already have!! I think four is plenty for this lady!! Brody is so much FUN!! We love this sweet cuddly little bear!! He loves to give loves which is putting his head against you!! He thinks when you say, "go get the boys" that it means to give loves and if he is not close enough to give them to you he will give them to whatever he is closest, the floor, the couch, etc.... Mason and Brody seem to have a special bond, they love each other!! Mason gets SO excited when Baby gets up and Brody loves to give Mason loves and Mason will then tell you how much, "Baby like me, baby like me!" All though Brody loves his brothers he is very much a Mama's boy, which I have to admit I LOVE because it is my BABY, of course there are definetley moments where I could do with out him wanting just me but for the most part I eat it up!! My little man only has two little bottom teeth and is not walking but I don't think it will be long, he is starting to get daring and has started to stand on his own. Although we are anxious for him to start walking we are so glad he has finally had a break through on how to go down the stairs on his own and now he thinks he is ruler of all!! He is so much happier having this new freedom to go where ever he would like to go, well almost minus bathrooms and Mom and Dad's room. Anyhow, we just love this fun, sweet spirit that Brody has and are so glad he is a part of our family!! Happy Birthday Brody Bear!!Trevor baked this teddy bear cake for Brody's party! Since we have called all four of our boys bear we thought it would be a good one to do for our last little Brodster Bear who is such a cuddly bear!!I frosted him! :)Brody a little confused at what is going on, just checking out the bear!Figured out it is CHOCOLATE, Brody LOVES chocolate, who doesn't, REALLY?!Garrett and Porter wanted in on all the action, I guess that's what happens when you are the fourth boy, you have to fend off all the others while you try and eat as much as you can!!I thought this one of Porter is too funny!He loved the cake!!The boys let Brody open one present on his own and that was ALL they could stand!! Brody loved all the gifts and it was a small, fun, sweet first birthday with Grandma and Grandpa Stephenson!! Poor Mason slept through the whole thing, he was tuckered out!!


These are just some random pictures I had that were cute!! The boys found those racket ball glasses and thought they were so cool and I couldn't get them to take them off for days!! Silly little boys!! ;)

I don't think it matters if your a girl or boy, highheels are just fun when your a little kid?! :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


My BIG 4 year old!! What can I tell you about Porter, he is my little mini Trevor, and I love him to death!! He is loyal to me no matter if he has gotten in huge trouble from me. Trevor and I have teams and Porter is my loyal team mate through thick and thin and Garrett is Trevor's. Mason is usually neutral. Porter loves to wrestle and play all kinds of games with his brothers. He is a great younger brother to Garrett and will do just about anything for him and he is a great big brother to Mason and Brody!! He is sweet and really good at sharing, he is sensitive but also likes to play the tough guy! We love Porter and can't imagine life without him in it!! Happy Birthday BIG BOY!!Porter wanted to have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party so Trevor made mutant milk for their breakfast cereal!!Lets not forget the mutant frosting on our Cinnamon rolls! :)What a handsome Birthday boy!!Mason thought it was his birthday, too. He had to do everything that Porter was doing, he is such a funny kid!!We had to go in search of turtle masks and settled on making them, it was a must have and they kept them on for all of 2 seconds just long enough to get a picture.....except for Mase, he only lasted 1/2 a second. :) Before the masks the boys met Papa Jim and went swimming while Brody took a nap and I got presents wrapped and cupcakes frosted. When they got back we had pizza, (the turtles favorite food), and then played a couple of games. Everyone got a bag of goodies for winning a game and some for just participating! :) Garrett enjoying his goodies! Present time, everyone is always so good at helping get the presents opened!! :)His favorite present was of course the $5.00 present, he loves knives or swords, any fighting weapon!! :)His turtle tower of cupcakes!!Garrett was so generous in helping blow out the candles! :)Those mutant cakes were good, now off to play with my new toys and watch, you will never guess!! ........Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!! :) Fun boys!!


We decided to take a little road trip and check out Kemah Boardwalk. If you want to see a sail boat, there are lots and lots of sail boats around there!! Trevor and Garrett have a fascination with sail boats!! It was a beautiful day, but hot, hot............did I mention hot?! :) They had little sections called, "Cool Zones", they were misters set up under a canopy! Funny thing to see coming from Spokane summers! :) Kemah is like a little amusement park with lots of yummy restaurants all along the boardwalk. They had a couple of sections in between some restaurants where you could buy what looked like dog food and feed it to massive amounts of cat fish that were just waiting for you along the dock. It was interesting and kind of gross, (for some reason to me)!! The boys loved it and the fish would go crazy when you dropped them the dog food!! There was also a live band playing by one of those water fountains that you can play in, we certainly used it to cool off , and an Aquarium. My favorite part was getting salt water taffy, YUM, I LOVE THAT STUFF!! Trevor and the boys driving little boats!!These are the little boats the boys were driving!!

What a sweet, patient little rider!! LOVE THIS CUTE KID!! :)