Sunday, April 20, 2008


Garrett had his very first T-Ball game and loved it!! It was a lot of fun especially because he has three of his cousins on the same team. Poor Porter was feeling a little left out because he is too young to be on the team, but at least there was an extra hat and since Trevor is the coach Porter was able to have it!! Coach is a little bit of an overstatement, all of the kids parents were so great with being out on the field helping with all of the kids!! Jenna and Hyrum going after the ball!

Uncle Matt helping at first base!
Garrett up to bat!

Trevor helping at second base!

Jacob up to bat!

Jenna playing third base!
Jacob throwing the runner out!

Jenna up to bat!
Garrett coming home!!
Lisa, Noah and Mason trying to keep warm during the game!!
Hyrum up to bat!!

Snack time is the highlight of the game!!

Worn out after a long morning of cheering on Garrett and the cousins at the T-Ball game!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Sun came to visit!!

Saturday was so nice we decided to play all day!! We started with a walk after breakfast, a lot of people around where we live have horses and the kids like to walk to go and see the horses. Then we played outside at our house for a little bit while Trevor road his motorcycle around and then we decided to head to Fred Meyer and pick up a loaf of bread to feed the ducks at River Front Park. We got lunch at Red Robin downtown and I was very impressed with how well the boys did, we then headed to the park to have a fun filled day of playing!! This is the boys watching their cartoons while they wait for Trevor and I to get everything together to head out for the day!! Trevor took the picture he thought they were pretty cute sitting there!!
Fed the ducks and then went to the goat to feed him our trash!!
The boys were a little sad that the big red wagon slide was closed for work but got over it real quick when we said they could climb on the blocks!!

The boys were having races while Trevor and I relaxed and soaked up the sun!!

All my boys after a fun long day of playing at the park and picking up a treat at the candy stand on our way back to the car!!

Surprise from Dad!!

The boys were so sad that Trevor was going back to Walla Walla, so to cheer them up he promised he would bring back a surprise for them and that was all Garrett could talk about the whole time Trevor was gone. He was so excited about the surprise and luckily when Trevor got home the surprise was worth the wait of Trevor being gone for a few days working, the boys loved the dino's!!

Little Mia

Trevor was so sweet to let me go on vacation all by my self without the crazy boys!! I went to Seattle to have a little girl time with my good friend Lisa, we had a good time visiting and spent a lot of time shopping!! Mia was such a good sport while I took up so much of her Mom's time and we drug her around to shop!! She is such a cutie and sweet, smart little girl. I thought she was so cute in this little coat, I had to get a couple of pictures of her!! Thank you Lisa for entertaining me for the weekend!!