Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween Night!

Halloween night Papa Jim came and took these three little fellows out while Brody and I handed out candy and watched over Trevor.Brody was so cute watching for the trick or treaters and he would watch me hand out the candy and as the kids would walk away Brody would come behind me and shut the door. He was so cute about it!!Brody trying to get Dad's attention........NO such luck!! =) He also enjoyed helping me prepare my lesson for church on Sunday!!
We had a good old time hanging out on Halloween night!! Who wouldn't with that little face? =)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Trunk OR Treat

We had our Trunk or Treat on Halloween day!! Trevor has been having some terrible teeth pain so he called the dentist the day before Halloween and they squeezed him in that day to look at his teeth. They told him they could take him on Halloween or it would be a while so he took it, (what dentist works on Saturday?!) Anyhow he needed a couple of root canals and so they gave him a couple of pills that put him out, they said it would only take two hours and then he would be fine for trick or treating, he was in there for SIX hours and there wasn't a thing in the world you could do to wake him up until the next morning. It was funny because the kids could not understand why Dad was sleeping through all the fun. They kept saying, " Dad, why are you sleeping when we are going trick or treating?" It was a little stressful for me to get everyone ready on my own and then get to the trunk or treat and get our trunk decorated. I was worried I would be the looser with the trunk because Trevor had told me that the Trunk or Treat was suppose to be really good and most everyone in our ward has lots of money but there was only a couple of people that even tried to decorate their trunk so I had nothing to worry about then Papa Jim picked Trevor up and met me at the Trunk or Treat to help, he passed out candy while I took the boys around. Trevor just slept in the truck, I wish I had gotten a picture of him!!Our little frog!!A couple of Pirates and a Cowboy!!Brody was happy as a clam walking around with his sucker! We had to take his costume down because it was so warm out!!


Garrett had a story book parade at his school where they got to dress up as their favorite story book character and we got to go and watch with the boys. We couldn't believe how many parents were there. It was just for the KG and 1ST grade classes and we had to park so far away. Here is a picture of the crowd.The beginning of Garrett's class.....Garrett chose Woody from' Toy Story' so he dressed up like a cowboy, mainly because that is what he was going to be for Halloween and so we found a book with a cowboy and I am thinking that is what everyone did since it was the day before Halloween. Then Trev and I headed to the donut shop with the other boys for breakfast!! Yummy!! =) We had to cheer them up, Porter gets a little jealous about Garrett being in school without him!!


We go the easy way out and do Mr. Pumpkin Head Faces, but the boys really have a fun time doing it and I love not having the huge clean up after!! AND LOOK HOW CUTE!! =)

This is Porter saying, "RRRRrrrrr"!!

I kept raising my hand trying to get Brody's attention and he thought it was a fun game!!
Brody and Mason's pumpkins have a double face!!

Party Time!

Mason was invited to his very first birthday party for a little girl in his class at church. It was a costume party and he was so excited to go, it was so cute!! The little girls name is Sierra and she is a cute little red head too. It was fun because I had no idea what to get her and I went to Toys R Us and saw a little Strawberry Short-Cake doll and I thought this is cute, I use to play with Strawberry Short-Cake when I was little and since she has red hair I thought it would be fun. Well when we got there she was dressed up as Strawberry Short-Cake and she was so cute when she opened her gift and saw her matching doll, so fun!!Mason loved dressing up as a lion and kept saying his paws were his guns and he kept shooting everyone with his "guns". He would make the cutest little face every time he would shoot you!! =) How cute is he?!! =)


We went to a place called 7 Acre Woods Farm, we went to pick pumpkins for Halloween and had a good time playing with the boys and visiting with Papa Jim and Grandma Carol. I can't get my pictures to move around for some reason so they are not in order and it drives me crazy but what do you do?How dare I stick the, "GREAT BRODY" on the tractor and think he would enjoy it. This guy is so funny lately, almost every morning I will get back home from running and he will be in his high chair eating and I will say," Hi Brody", and smile at him and he will throw his head back like this and do a whimper like how dare you talk to me. He can be such a stinker!!

Trevor and Jim had a friendly game of horse shoes. This is little Brody on the way home, tuckered out and you can certainly tell in a few of these pictures he was having a rough day because he was ready for a nap the whole time we were there!!What a handsome little Mase, I think he looks so old in this picture!!
Brody checking out the pumpkins, they all had to pick them up and throw them back down on the ground stressing me out because I was sure they were going to break one and we figured out after we got there the pumpkins were only for, "LOOKING", because they were so stinken expensive, we ended up deciding to go to Wal-mart and getting just as good looking pumpkins for $3.50 instead of $15.

We played putt putt golf.

LOOK AT THAT FACE!! His life is so HARD!!
Garrett on the little zip-line for kids...... I love his face!!! =)

I think this picture of Porter was hilarious!!

Playing on the sunken boat!!
They had balls to play with all over the place, the boys loved it!! Trevor is getting ready to kick the foot-ball.

They had kid size old town stores and jail, the boys thought that was pretty cool!!
They had a petting zoo with goats, llamas, baby deer, rabbits, chickens, pony's and this little donkey!!

They had a little area with the toy houses and cars around a little track of cement they made look like a road, Mason really loved it and played there with Grandma Carol while the other boys played putt putt golf.

I love how Mason's tongue is sticking out of his mouth here. Too funny!! =)