Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I have to admit it was a pretty sad snow day but the kids LOVED it and you can't have a snow day without hot chocolate!! =)

Family Pictures 2009

Last minute on a Sunday before church Carol wanted to take our picture for her Christmas card so we through some outfits together and did our best and I think they actually turned out pretty good!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Fun at Home with the McCombs.....

We had so much fun being able to have Papa and Grandma McCombs and Uncle Ryan come and stay at our home, the boys loved every minute of it!! The boys were certainly wild and crazy!! They loved having my Dad play and read books to them in the morning and getting to talk with Grandma and Ryan and show them their tricks!

We did Christmas with my family and they got the boys the cutest Tickle Monster book that comes with the Tickle Monster hand gloves and it was quite a site to see my Dad reading the book to them and my Mom being the Tickle Monster those boys ate it up so much and laughed and squealed so much it was so funny!! They may have had some bad dreams of the Tickle Monster getting them, but well worth it!! It was hilarious!!

We did a little celebration with my family for Mason's birthday, they got him a Thomas the Train book that came with little tools that they could work on the book with it was a big hit as well!!

Some other things we did was the Blue Bell Creamery tour in Brenham, their ice cream is so YUMMY!! My Mom and I went shopping around the Market Street in The Woodlands while the boys went to look around the Pro Bass Shop. We went and looked around the under ground tunnels for businesses in Downtown Houston. I did my 5 mile run with my Dad and he kicked my butt, we ran it in 8.15 minute miles while I normally do it in 9.30 minute miles. It is much easier to push your self when you run with someone. Watched movies. DROVE LOTS. And just enjoyed visiting with each other. Thanks for coming and visiting us. We had a great time!! =) Hope you can come again!!

The Battleship Texas with the McCombs......

One of our favorite places we have gone is to The Battleship Texas and so we wanted to take my family to see it. We had a good time but it was SO COLD and WINDY!!

My Mom and me standing by the large laundry room in which we feel most of our time at home is spent!! =)I thought it was fun that they decorate the ship for Christmas the way it would have been done while at sea.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

San Antonio with the McCombs....

My parents and brother Ryan flew into Houston Friday the day after Thanksgiving. Trevor and I drove home from Mississippi that day and Trevor picked them up at the airport about 9:30 at night. The next morning we loaded up in a 15 passenger van and headed to San Antonio to enjoy the River Walk and check out the Alamo. We stayed a night in a motel and enjoyed the next day at Sea World. We really had a good time and the boys ate up every once of attention from my family, you would think they are deprived! Walking around the River Walk.Eating lunch at an authentic Mexican restaurant on the River Walk.You know when Brody would like a bite of what you are having because he opens his mouth as wide as he possibly can. =)Us at the Alamo.My Dad and the boys racing. Next stop is Sea World..... Garrett in front of a Clydesdale. They have the nicest stable I have ever seen for these horses and they are moving them to a new home. =(Feeding the dolphins at the dolphin pond, this was the coolest thing!! We had such a good time!! Don't they look like they are smiling at you?!The sea lion show was so cute and fun and the boys loved it, even little Brody loved it he kept pointing at the animals and looking at me!!Waiting for the big Shamu show to start.SO COOL!!The boys loved riding on Papa Don and Uncle Ryan's shoulders. Ryan carried Mason around just about all day and every outing we went on while they were with us for the week!Here is Brody again wanting a drink this time.......what a silly little man!!Having fun on the rides......the boys loved to go with Papa Don or Uncle Ryan!! The closest ride my Mom or me got to a roller coaster!! =)

Brody all tuckered out!!
They had two crazy big roller coasters..........Trevor, Ryan and my Dad had a good time on them.
O-look, I forgot I did take a ride on the Shamu roller coaster with Garrett!! I'm so tough!! =)
Even Brody went on a ride!! Trevor said he was fine until he saw me then he wanted out!!

This is the first ride Garrett went on with his Papa and he wanted to go so bad, but after this it was all we could do to talk him on all the other rides. He is too funny!!
Garrett in the middle holding on to Papa Don and Uncle Ryan for dear life!!I think this picture is so funny, he looks like such a tough guy so proud of himself and yet it scared him to death!! =)Porter went with Trevor and thought it was great, what a tough man!