Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cute Picture of The Boys!

The boys love it when Dad feeds them dinner!!!

Trevor's Play Time!

Trevor Loves to come home as often as possible and ride his motorcycle around and jump it off this hill. He will go in a circle over and over and over again jumping his bike. The boys love to be out there watching and pretend they are on motorcycles, too. Boys love to PLAY-PLAY-PLAY!!!

Nap Time!

We put Mason down for a nap and when 8:00 P.M. came and there was no sound of Mason we decided to go in after him and we found this mess in the closet and Mason wiped out on the bed with his fisherman hat on. He apparently didn't go right to sleep like we had thought. He is such a busy little man!!

More Pictures of Our Newest Addition!!

Brody James Stephenson

Brody James was born on Friday July 18Th at 8:28 P.M. weighing in at 9 lbs 2 ounces and 19 inches long. I went into labor Thursday night so he certainly took his time getting here and it was a long ruff wait but he was definitely worth it!! He has been a really good little sleeper and just such a sweet little man. We love him to death and so does his older brothers who love to help take care of him.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cute Pictures of the Birthday Boy!!

Happy Birthday Porter!!

Porter turned 3 years old on July 12Th. He was so excited for his birthday to get here, unfortunately the night before he was up a lot of the night with itchy body. He has terrible eczema and it keeps him up some nights. He came to bed with Trevor and I because he was keeping up the other boys and so it was a long night for all of us. Needless to say it made for crabby boys on his birthday because they were so worn out. We tried to make the best of it anyway and spent the morning into the afternoon watching Trevor's softball tournament, which the boys love because Trevor plays with his brother and my brother and my brother in-law so lots of cousins to play with at the games. After we were done with the softball game we grabbed lunch and headed home to drop Mason off for a nap with the babysitter and headed to the movies to see the, " Crazy Panda" a.k.a. "Kung Fu Panda". The boys have been talking about the, "Crazy Panda" for a long time so we thought they would really enjoy going to the movie. They had a really good time and were very good!! We then headed to pick up Mason and grab the birthday cake and dinner. This year I sold out and bought a cake from the Cold Stone Creamery instead of making the cake. Just not enough energy this time. Porter loved it anyway!! I can't believe my boys are getting so big!!

Opening his back pack!!Opening his teeter totter.His new motorcycle bike!!Porter is very excited to start pre-school, especially because his big brother Garrett gets to be by his side this first year!! Porter had been asking me for a back-pack for school all week so I thought what better time then his birthday. The next morning after his birthday Garrett and him are sporting around their packs and watching t.v. and eating breakfast and everything else with them on. I thought it was too cute, I had to get a picture. They are such good buddies!!

Friday, July 11, 2008


There is a wildfire a little too close for comfort. These are a couple of pictures of the smoke we could see from our house. We hope that they are able to get it under control and few people are affected by it!! Many have had a mandatory evacuation from their homes. Scary! Scary!

A bit of the wildlife around our house!!

We like to think of the wildlife around our house as our pets since we have tried and failed miserably as "REAL" pet owners!! I don't know if you can tell, but this is a little geese family down at our pond. Dad, Mom and four or five babies.
Mama Moose and two babies down at the pond.
The Mama Moose and her two babies headed up our road right by our house.
Trevor took this picture and thought I needed to put it on our blog. Two nasty beetles doing the nasty, we think!?!
This is a little tree frog that seems to think our house is a tree, we have seen him on our glass front door a couple of nights. This picture is from inside of the house.

Boys and thinking the outdoors is their personal toilet!

Mason has seen Trevor and Garrett pee at this spot so many times one night he just walked over there and lifted up his shirt and took the Trevor and Garrett peeing stance and looked down for so long, I had to get a picture. It was too funny. Boys! Boys! Boys!

Once he realized we were taking pictures he thought he was pretty funny!!

Yard Work!!

The boys love to follow Trevor around when he is doing yard work and do what he is doing. He was mowing the lawn and this is Mason mowing, too.

When Mason noticed I was taking pictures of him he started to pose and since I bent down to take a picture at his level he thought he needed to bend down, too!!