Sunday, November 16, 2008


I know I get a little picture happy but I just think he is so dang yummy, I just want to eat him up!! I love the innocent, sweet little baby faces!! Brody is such a happy little man!! He loves to laugh, smile and make lots of happy noises at him self in the mirror above him in his swing or anyone that will give him the slightest bit of attention. He thinks his little Bumbo seat is fun and likes to sit in it so he can see things around him a little better, especially his big brother!! He also likes to spend a significant amount of time sucking on his fingers or blanket. We love this little man!! Okay he won't actually be four months for another two days but I just took these pictures yesterday and I don't think he will look any different in the next couple of days or be doing anything new!! :)


This is our little "CRAZY" Mason, I can't believe he is just now turning 2, he has always seemed older than he is, I guess having two older brothers to keep up with ages you a little quicker. Mason is so full of life and energy, he gets a kick out of being a little trouble maker and picking on his older brothers and Mom, he loves, I mean LOVES to push our buttons and get a rise out of us!! It is a good thing he is so Dang CUTE and has a smile and laugh that is so contagious!! We love having his fun little spirit in our family, although after doing church without Trevor today I sure could do with out it during Sacrament meeting!! :)

Our cheap little imitation Birthday cake, I use to be so good at making special birthday cakes for everyone, this year I took a brake. It was still good though, Jon Spear was so kind to run and pick one out from Baskin Robins while we picked up Mason's birthday present. The boys helping Mason blow out his candles!! What nice brothers he has!!

I love how excited Mason gets, it is so cute!! Like I said you gotta love that smile!!Opening his present!!

Mason loved his trains and tracks as you can see on his face he was very excited to show Grandpa Jim his trains!!

We celebrated Mason's Birthday with a fun day as a family starting with waking up and having Trevor home after a long few days of him gone in Louisiana. We had a fun morning taking our time goofing off with Dad, and then went to lunch at a really fun Mall in the Woodlands, and then played at this huge play place there, (I wish I had brought my camera with me), then we went to the children's museum which was in the mall and the kids loved it!! Then we went for a ride on a huge carousel inside the mall as well, the kids were so cute on it. We then walked around this shopping center next to the mall that is sooo cool, it has fountains all over and is totally decked out for Christmas with a huge Christmas tree and trees covered in lights that is next to this waterway and huge grassy park that has a little maze for the kids to do. They thought that was pretty cool, we also stopped on our walk and got a yummy refreshing Jamba Juice which we love. We then had cake and presents with Grandpa Jim. It was just a small little party but fun and the kids and I LOVED spending the day with our favorite DAD!! Thanks for a fun day Dad!! We love you, and think you are the BEST!!


On November 1ST Trevor and I loaded up a u-haul with a few necessities, (very few) and headed down to good ol' Texas. We got there in a LONG three days and checked into a hotel. We spent a day looking at apartments and houses with Grandpa Jim who is also down here with us, Grandma Carol will be joining us soon. With a few scary house previews and Carol so kindly looking on the Internet for different options we found this really lovely home in Kingwood. We really were very excited to find this newly remodeled home in a very nice established neighborhood . I have been able to attend church twice now and both times have been so kindly welcomed!! I have never been in a ward that has been so sweet and welcoming and I absolutely LOVE it!! I really feel like we could make Texas our new home and love it!! Especially if Trevor ever figures out a way to be around a little more so I don't feel like I am all alone in taking care of my very CRAZY four boys!! Why are we here? Trevor is looking into opening a roofing and supply company here and has for the past couple of months been working on helping FEMA with the blue tarp operation due to hurricane "Ike". It is looking like things might start coming together for the company so we might be able to settle in a little better soon!!

Our new home!!Living room, remember I said we brought the necessities, now that we have lived for the last couple of weeks without a couch it is seeming more and more like a necessity. :) Our formal dinning room, I know, I know, that is one fancy dinning room table, we decided to spring for the BEST, only the best for our little family!!Kitchen!Other dining area, you thought our other table was fancy, take a look at this one, o wait someone must have broken in and stolen it, tables are over rated!!Master bedroom with our very fancy t.v. and stand!! Don't be fooled thinking we at least new having a mattress and box springs to throw on the floor would be a pretty important item to bring. Good night rest, who needs it, we would rather have a restless sleep on a blow up mattress!! :) Master bathroom, the kids especially Porter felt the need to be in every picture!!

The kids bathroom upstairs!!

Brody's room, at least he has a real bed and real furniture, he appreciates it, I'm sure!!
The big boys room!

The big boys bed, yes they may be sleeping in their closet on a heaping mound of blankets. It is a good thing they are so young and think it is a party!!And finally our back yard, we even have a palm tree, FUN!! It is very nice it has a concrete patio big enough for the boys to ride their bikes and scooter on and then grass, if you can call it that, the grass here is not like to nice thick grass we have in Washington. It is big thick blades that is rough and not fun to walk in with bare feet. What do you do?
We have learned our lesson thinking we could just camp out at our house until we could afford to buy all new. We are working on the best way to get our stuff packed up at home and have shipped down here while we are here and it is in WA, we will see how it works!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Marianne Thompson came to our property and took some family pictures before we headed to Texas!! She did such a good job and it was pretty low stress for getting pictures taken with four little boys!! Thanks Marianne for taking the time to squeeze us in!!


We had a great Halloween with the boys!! We got them dressed up and took them to Grandma Carol's for a treat and then headed to my brother Joel's house and had pizza and took the boys trick-or-treating with the cousins!! It has been a little tradition for us for the past three years and we have really enjoyed it!!

Fun cousins!! Hyrum, Noah, Porter, Garrett and Jenna!

Porter couldn't keep up with the big kids so he decided he would stay behind and help Mason up to the doors, it was awfully CUTE!!