Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Day of Preschool!!

These boys were so excited to start school, I have never seen anything cuter then these two buddies heading off to school together with the biggest grins on their faces!! Garrett is such a great big brother taking care of Porter so he wouldn't be scared at school!! Mason had to get in on some of the camera time!! He doesn't like to be left out, but he is enjoying so one on one time with mom!! He also loves to help take care of Brody, he likes to help hold the bottle with me and anytime I kiss Brody he has to give him a kiss as well. I just think my boys are so dang CUTE!!

This is day two of preschool. I think they are so funny, from the time they get dressed they have to wear their back packs every where they go until school starts at 12:15 p.m. I thought this was too funny of Mason saying "CHEEESE" for his picture!!
Fun at home while the boys are at school!!

Mini Vacation!!

Labor Day weekend we decided last minute to jump in the car and go to Portland. We arrived just in time to go and see our good friends Johnny and Jada's little girl's First Birthday, she is so cute!! We then headed to our hotel where we got two rooms, one for the boys and one for us. The boys were so excited to have their very own suit cases and we thought they were so cute taking them in to the hotel!! They were so good on the trip and we had so much for spending time with our friends. We just felt terrible that Jada got in an accident, we feel partially responsible because we came to town and wanted them to come to the zoo with us. Jada was so nice to make us dinner right after the accident, too!! It was very good, Thanks Johnny and Jada for everything!! We had a great time!!

The Portland Zoo. The boys loved it even though it rained off and on the whole time we were there!!
We stopped at Wall-Mart to pick up some snacks and we ended up in the Halloween candy. I have never shopped for Halloween candy until just a few days before Halloween and so I never knew they had such fun candy if you shop early!! The kids and I loved the Vampire teeth!!We spent the afternoon at the Omsi Center, it was very fun and worth going to!!

The kids loved playing with Johnny and Jada's cute kids, Owen and Paige!! Garrett kept calling them his cousins and I told them they were just his friends and he asked me if it was okay if he still called them his cousins, he was so cute about them!!

Silly Boys!!

I Love that my boys love to play together!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

One Month Old!!

Since this little guy will probably be my last I feel like I have to soak up every little moment I have with him. I just love him to death, I think he is the cutest & sweetest little guy!! We just love having him in the family!! I love seeing my three other adorable sweet little men with Brody they are so good with him. They love to help take care of him and they love it when he smiles at them. Brody loves to smile when you talk to him and when he sees him self in a mirror!! I can't believe he is getting so big already and he is only one month old!

I love his little smashed face when he is sleeping!!

Mason loves to hold Brody and give him lots of loves!! He also loves to take his pacifier out and put it back in. He is such a good big brother!!

In the ultrasound pictures Brody was sucking his thumb and every now and then he will find it again.
I just love his little face in this picture!!

First Hair Cut!

Poor kid started getting a receding hair line so we thought a bald head would be cuter then an old man hair-do!

Brody Meeting BFF!!

On Aug. 11TH our good friends Jon & Michelle just had there first baby. It's a boy and his name is Nixon, we are so excited for them!!! Trevor & Jon have been best friends since high school and we are hoping Nixon & Brody will be just as good of Buddies!


Trevor and I love to go for Sunday drives and we ended up in Wallace. They have a great park the boys love to play at!!

The digger is Garrett and Porters favorite part about the park!!