Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Easter morning, the kids were very happy and sweet about what the Easter bunny left them!!

They were especially excited about the goggles!!! They have been asking for goggles for the last couple of months since we went and spent the night at a hotel and went swimming in the pool in Walla Walla where Trevor has been working for the last twelve weeks. They are very excited for summer and getting to go to the pool and play at the water parks!!

There is nothing like getting to eat Easter candy with your breakfast!!
Mason loved his presents, too!!

Mason was loving all the attention he was getting from his Papa Don!!

This was the only egg Mason picked up and as soon as he picked it up he put it down and ran off and picked up a leaf. He spent the rest of the time running around with his leaf and touching all of Grandma's plants.
Nothing like egg hunting in the snow!! They should of used real eggs and left them white!!

Garrett and Porter were very proud of all the eggs they found!! We had a great Easter this year except that Trevor was a little under the weather!! We had a ton of fun seeing Kim and all her cute kids plus the rest of the McComb's gang that all live around!! We wish Leigh could have been here, but are very proud of him serving our country getting ready to go to Kuwait. We had a great Easter dinner with Grandma and Papa Stephenson and Matt and Megg with their boys, too!!

"Spring is here?"

I couldn't believe all the snow that was coming down on Friday March 21st two days before Easter. The snow at our house had all finally melted and next thing I know we have a winter wonderland again. I just wanted to cry, I am so ready for the sun to come and the flowers to start blooming here!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Mason wants so badly to be one of the big boys and never wants to stay sitting down in his highchair so I set him at the table and him and Porter thought it was so fun. Porter kept yelling across the table at Mason saying, "HI, BEEBY!" and Mason would yell back at Porter making sounds that he thought were words.

Silly Little Mason

The kids like to come upstairs from their playroom and show me things they have built or new tricks and Mason was so funny walking upstairs so proud of himself for figuring out that he could put his drum on his head, he thought it was pretty cool. He is such a silly little man, he makes me laugh!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Garrett loves that his preschool has a party for every holiday!! He was so cute when he came home after his St. Patrick's day party because he was awfully proud of his O' Garrett hat he made and the fact that while he was playing outside Leprechauns came and made a huge mess in his classroom leaving gold (chocolate) and skittles. He thought that was so cool, (if you couldn't tell by his face)!!!