Friday, September 25, 2009

Garrett turns 6!!

Garrett's birthday fell on a Monday this year and since he is now such a BIG boy and in school all day we had a party on Sat. We started off with a big breakfast of pancakes, Trevor has mastered the pancakes and our boys can down them like nobodies business!! After breakfast we all got cleaned up and Grandma and Grandpa Stephenson were nice enough to take the three big boys to a neighborhood kids festival while we hurried and put an ice cream cake together after the first attempt failed! :( Since Garrett has learned to ride a bike without training wheels he thought it was time for him to have his own big boy bike! Trevor told him we couldn't find one his size so I thought it would be fun to put it in our little guest bathroom and fill it with balloons to surprise him! When that was complete we met up with the boys at the festival!!Brody helping us fill the room with balloons!!The finished product!!At the festival there was pony rides, dump water on the poor kid in the cage out of this really gross looking toilet hanging above him!! They got to meet some firemen and climb all over there truck and get hats!!There was snow cones, hot dogs, juice boxes!!Face painting!!!Mason really wanted Brody to see his frog on his face, he is so funny with Brody!! Brody is his little buddy and he likes to tell Brody all about himself!! He is too cute!! I love it!! =)There was a bounce house and obstacle course!! They even had a little mechanical bull for the kids to ride but the line was long and Garrett didn't want to wait. Not to mention music and all kinds of other things going on, but little Mason got sick, (probably too many pancakes, juice boxes, snow cones and hot dogs!!) The best part of all it was ALL FREE!! Gotta love that!! =)We headed home and the boys helped me decorate the cake with little Army men, they thought that was pretty cool and they loved to help!!Then we told Garrett he needed to go wash up before we opened presents and he walked into his surprise, he thought that was pretty fun and so did Porter!! The pic below is Garrett's expression waiting for me to get his bike out of the bathroom I think he liked it!! =)More presents!! Thanks everyone who sent presents for this guy, he LOVED everyone of them!!!Ready to eat some birthday cake, can you tell he liked us singing to him?! Carol and Jim got him the game Twister so we thought we better try it out, I am putting a sticker on Garrett's right foot to help them remember their right from left.Me and Porter getting pumped up for the big game!! =)The game says ages 6 and up, we figured out why that has to be so, the littler body just can only hack about 3 spins and they are done, they can't reach very far and then to try and twist them up is a physical impossibility!! Porter's team lost every time!!Who knew Twister was so exhausting?!BALLOON FIGHT!! I love Porters face in this picture!!Then there was much needed naps, but that is because the party was not over, O-NO, we had drive-in movie plans to see 'Cloudy With A Chance of Meat Balls!' So this is us getting ready for the big movie!! =)Garrett says he is ready to go!!

We all had a really good time and then on Monday, his real birthday Trevor the boys and I were able to eat lunch with him and we brought cupcakes for the class to enjoy and after dinner we headed to one of the boys favorite places McDonald's for a variety of cool treats and play time!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

* 9/12 PROJECT *

We are so glad we were able to go to Fort Worth, TX and join in the march to show our support for the 9/12 project!! This is our second opportunity to be a part of a political rally and we have really enjoyed being able to be a part of them. Our boys are so funny they really get into it, Garrett and Porter both marched and cheered and chanted. While we were marching Porter looks up at me and says, "this is FUN", they didn't mind the pouring rain!! =)The flags were all at half mass for 9/11.The speeches took place on Main St.

Real live cowboys!! =)

Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Stephenson there was lots of treats to be had!!! Dancing in the rain!!
More treats, can't go with out popcorn!!!

More dancing, Porter LOVES music and to dance!! Grandma Carol thinks he has rhythm!! =)

Brody thought he was pretty hot stuff roaming around on his own!!

And then some more snacks..........Papa's crackers............yummm!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Trevor and the boys feel bad that they don't get to watch the Seahawks play very often because they don't broadcast them in Texas. Trevor is excited that the Seahawks are playing the Texans here this winter and wants to go to the game for his Christmas present!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


On Labor Day Trevor and I were sick but we couldn't let our day off go to waste. When I say "we", I mean "I"!! =) Trevor would have loved to just stay at home and lay around all day!! We ended up taking the kids for a ride on the trolley to the water fountains to play with Grandma and Grandpa Stephenson. After the fountains just our little family rode the trolley to the mall and got pretzel sticks and looked at the pets in the pet store there and on our way out picked up a yummy chocolate ice cream cake to take home and eat after lunch and that is just what we did. THEN we laid around for the rest of the day and watched movies and did nothing productive!! =)

Little Brody wasn't so sure about playing in the fountains...........He found me and popped a squat and was just happy to watch!!!

These cute boys just LOVE it!!Then Brody started to get really red so we decided he needed to cool off and we made him get in the fountains, at first he wasn't too sure but he warmed up a LITTLE to it!! He is such a cute kid, LOVE HIM!! ;)