Sunday, October 19, 2008


THREE MONTHS and just getting blessed!! Trevor got home Saturday morning from Texas for a quick visit so we thought we better bless Brody before he could walk up for his blessing!! Trevor gave a very nice blessing from what I could tell between Brody crying and my other three crazy boys I was trying to keep reverent, what do you do? It was very nice to have my Dad, brother Ryan, brother Joel, brother-in-law Chris, brother-in-law Adam, Trevor's brother Matt and our good friends Johnny Mac and Jon Spear stand in the circle. Thanks so much guys!!"Uuuuh... blessing. What's a blessing!?!""O, okay sounds good, I can do that!"
Brody's Best Friend, (whether he likes it or not) Nixon was blessed the same day!! It was so fun to be able to be there for his, too!!

I really hope these two kiddo's like each other because if they don't they are going to have a long life of our two families hanging out!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Garrett and Porter had a field trip to Green Bluff with their pre-school today and they each got to pick a little pumpkin, so after school we headed to Target to get something to decorate the pumpkins. While we were at Target we decided to make a party of it and the boys picked out some Halloween candy and a Halloween movie. We got home and the boys put on their costumes and we put in our Halloween movie and decorated our pumpkins and ate Halloween candy!!

Mason made a Witch pumpkin.
Garrett made a Pirate pumpkin.Porter made a Vampire pumpkin.The finished project!!
This is how much fun Brody thought the pumpkin party was!!

Porter being a goof ball!! Porter and Mason thought it was pretty cool to put the package on their head!! These two pictures remind me so much of Trevor!! Trevor never hesitates to be a little goofy to make me laugh!!


This picture is for Trevor, I saw this little round quail sitting on our fence and couldn't believe how round she was, I am assuming it is a pregnant lady but it is pretty late in the year, who knows!?! I think it looks like a soft ball with a feather on top and a tail and feet. Sorry such a bad picture it was taken inside the house out our kitchen window!! We love our little pets that live around our house!! :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008


It was a beautiful day if only there wasn't the wind chill factor!! We still managed to have a good time through the chilly wind and the snotty noses!! Me and the boys went with Michelle, my Mom and my sister Lisa and her two boys!! My boys definitely loved it, which is really what makes everything worth while!!Picking out the best pumpkins!!My kids love getting to play with their cousins and it is so much fun that they all seem to get along so well!!Brody pretty much slept the whole time, which was really nice since he needed to be covered up most of the time!!All aboard!! My kids love trains so getting to ride the train was definitely the highlight of the day!! Hyrum, Garrett and Porter. Below is Noah, Hyrum, Porter, Mason, Garrett & Brody.
The kids really loved the corn maze, too!! It was a little nerve racking at first because I offered to take all the kids with me while Lisa and Michelle got hot chocolate and my Mom had taken off by this time and that many little munchkins running around like crazy in a maze made my head spin trying to make sure I still had everyone!!! Lisa and Michelle caught up soon after though and we managed to find a short cut out of the maze and to the castle and little ship. They had funny things in the maze like this elephant and a lion and other random things.
My sis Lisa and me!!
Little Noah hanging his head through the ship railing, this little man is quite a funny little dude!!

Like I said the kids loved it!! :) No, they really did, Mason was just sad because he didn't know how to climb back down, he looks ticked!! Funny little boys!!
P.S. I like Michelle too, but the picture of us my sister took on her camera so I don't have it and my Mom seemed to escape without getting her picture taken, sneaky lady!!

Preschool Days!!

When the "BIG" boys go to school three days a week me and the "Little's" go walking. I use them to try and work off the baby weight, most days they love it, but as you can see in the picture below some days Mase is not in the mood!!

Brody is such a good sport while I go walking, he very seldom fusses, he is such a sweet little boy!! I feel so blessed to have such a good baby!!Doesn't Mason look so "CUTE" in the cool football hat our friend Michelle knitted for Brody!! It's a little big for Brody but I couldn't just let it just sit this winter, I just think it is to dang CUTE!!

I just love all the little faces babies make, they are so yummy!! I just want to nibble on Brody's cheeks!! :)
Mason's favorite time of the big boys being gone is sharing snacks with Mom!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Cool Down!!

I was so excited to be able to dress the kids in their warmer clothes and I thought Brody looked like such a big boy in his vest!! My poor babies are my little dolls for me to dress up. I really should have had at least one girl!! Thank goodness my boys are pretty good sports about it!! :)