Thursday, April 30, 2009


We had our very first Easter all by our selves. It was sad to not have the Easter egg hunts with all the cousins and family, but we still had fun with our little family. I found the best egg coloring kit for ME and the kids. It is mess free and the boys had a blast doing it, while one was coloring their egg the others were decorating a card egg so it worked out GREAT!! We had a fun Easter morning and Trevor was super Dad and Hubby for the day, he cut all the boys hair before church and made a Delicious ham dinner for after church. He even had a special recipe for the ham, it turned out great!! We think he is a super hero and we love him to death!! It was also our first Sunday in our new ward and we loved it, super nice people!!

Brody even had a good time!!

Mason was so excited to get a sucker he didn't want to do anything else but eat his sucker. Finally when Trevor convinced him to look for the eggs before the other boys found them all, Trevor is showing him where any egg is and he saw me with the camera and just started cheesen it!! What a silly kid he is!! He has always been a little crack up!!

Can you say, HAIR CUT, we have afternoon church so all the boys got hair cuts before church and looked so nice in their new church clothes and we didn't even get a picture, it gets a little crazy around here when we are getting ready for church!!


They have these wild flowers called Blue Bells and there are fields of them on your way to Austin, which is where Trevor has been doing a lot of work now. They are so pretty and tons and tons of people stop along the road to get pictures of them and pictures of their kiddo's in them for Easter pictures. So we had to stop too! I would have loved to stop and get a picture of this one field that had tons of them and the cows are in the middle of all of them, so cool!! There are none of Porter because we have officially caused our kids to be terrified of ants because there are so many red ants here and we don't want them to stumble into a pile of them and get eaten. So anyway there happened to be a bug of some kind, he is convinced it was red ants and so he was hysterical, there for no pictures, better luck next year!! :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Last Days in Kingwood

It has been a while since an update. Life has been a little crazy to say the least!! These were the last pictures I had taken in Kingwood during the last week in February. The boys loved riding their bikes and scooters on the back patio and playing pirates and digging for rocks to collect. They also loved to go around killing bugs with the fly swatters they got at an RV show we went to. They also really loved playing with their first real friend out side of cousins, she lived next door and her name was Tabatha. They were really cute with her, but it was a sad day for Trevor when Garrett chose to stay and play with his little "girl friend" instead of going to run errands with him.
A day or two before the end of the month Trevor informed me it was time for me to pack up and head home to Spokane and save us a month on our double mortgage. We have been paying for renting a house in Kingwood and our house in Spokane and it was nice to save some money, but that meant some mad packing and cleaning to get home and a really long drive. We made it and Trevor left us for a couple of weeks to work while Me and the boys packed up our house in Spokane. We have found someone to lease to own our home in Spokane and hopefully have made a more permanent move to The Woodlands, TX. Trevor found us a little town home in a really nice neighborhood with the help of his Mom. We are settled and loving it and loving have our stuff even more!! Garrett holding Porter down to get a picture. Porter is kind of a spaz!!

Don't mind Brody eating a little grass!!