Wednesday, October 7, 2009


We went Halloween shopping last weekend because if there is one thing we have learned from living in Houston during the holidays is that you better get what you need early or what you want will be ALL GONE! Porter and Mason have wanted to be pirates since last Halloween so we were on a mission for pirates for them and Garrett wanted to be a cowboy so this is what we came up with and of course they had to try them on and play pirates and cowboys. We heard a lot of "ERRRR, you SCURBYDOG", on the way home from shopping, too funny!! LOVE THESE GUYS!! ;)

We think Garrett is just hilarious with his mustache!!! HE HE HE......LOVE IT!! ;)

My SILLY little BOYS!!

Well Trevor and I decided to give little Brody a Mohawk and then decided we better document it because he just looked so cute, like a little rocker!! So these are all the boys being silly!!This is Garrett showing us how to hug himself and put a bubble in his mouth, something he learned at school. They are told to do this when they are suppose to be quite!! I wish he would do a little more of this when he is at home!! Garrett is doing so well at school. He was made student of the month in his class the very first month of school and was able to go and have a special lunch with the other kids from other classes and the principal, he absolutely loved it!! We just had our first parent teacher conference with Garrett's teacher, Mrs. Swackhamer and she only had good things to say about him and that she just loves him and so does all of his other teachers and she even made a comment about how the principal, Mrs. Jones thinks he is just the cutest and sweetest little boy!! Way to go Garrett!! I wish I could say those things were all true when he gets home from school, but he seems to save all of his "STINKERNESS" (new word) for me!! ;( He is a good boy though and we are so glad he is doing well in school and that if he has a hard time being nice at home all the time, that he can at least be nice at school, ALL the time!! =)Porter being his goofy self!!And our little Mohawk baby!! I love that you can see his new two top teeth with the big gap in this photo!! TOO CUTE!! As you can tell he was happy to have all the attention..............Now he is thinking he is done with the photos shoot..........................Thinking what do I need to do to get these guys from taking multiple pictures of me...................ALL RIGHT, I am DONE!!!! I am ready to eat..............STOP TAKING MY PICTURE!!! Poor guy just wants some food and to be left alone!!!! ;)