Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just a little note!

It has been awhile since I have posted anything to the blog so I have more pictures than fit on the first page. So if you are interested there are new posts that go into my old posts! Hopefully I won't get so far behind next time!!

Fun in the Sun!!

Trevor bought the boys a big blow-up water slide for the summer and it has finally started to get warm enough to actually use it!! Garrett and Porter not to mention the biggest little boy of them all, Trevor, had so much fun playing on it this weekend!! Aren't my boys sooo CUTE!!:)

Garrett's Preschool Graduation!

Garrett's preschool graduation was really cute!! It was circus themed and they had all sorts of stuff for kids and their siblings to do while we waited for the ceremony!:) They were able to win little prizes and they even had popcorn for us to munch on. Both Grandparents were able to attend, but only the lucky Grandma Carol was able to be chosen by Garrett to go up on stage and join him and the rest of his class with the person of their choice to do the chicken dance. What a good sport Grandma Carol was!! We are so proud of Garrett for doing so well and learning so much at Preschool, we celebrated afterwards at Baskin Robins for some good ice cream treats!!

The boys and I met Trevor in Walla Walla his last and final day working there, hopefully, for the Balloon Stampede. We had a lot of fun seeing all the balloons through out the sky and we even got to be right there to watch a couple of them go up off the ground. We had fun playing at the little festival with the kids eating funnel cakes and drinking fresh squeezed lemonade. The boys loved the big slide and seeing all the old cars and trucks. They especially loved to walk around and see all the horses. Above all the thing the kids always love the best is the swimming pool in the hotel!! They get so excited anytime we stay in a hotel because they absolutely love to go and play in the swimming pool!! The boys were really good during the trip besides a few melt downs leading up to our ride home from pure exhaustion.

Two tuckered out little boys!! They just played so hard!!


I love that these guys are such good buddies, (most of the time)!! They all cuddled up to watch cartoons on Saturday morning so Trevor and I could sleep in a little longer!! What good boys they can be!!:)

Weekend Getaway!!

Thanks to my sister Melody and one of our most favorite babysitters' Elise and Trevor's parents who so kindly took care of the boys for one out of the three days, we were able to take a little trip to Seattle for a day & night and a ferry ride over to Victoria B.C. for two days and a night. We thought it best to celebrate our anniversary a little early since I was already large with child, and we knew it wasn't going to be any better in the coming months. Plus we were able to meet up with my good friend Lisa and her husband Jeff to spend a little time in Victoria. We had a really good time and appreciate every ones help with the boys, Thank You!!

Trevor and I had dinner in the Space Needle and this was the view from our dinner table. A very expensive experience but it was fun anyhow.
This was the view from our hotel room in Seattle!
The ferry ride over to Victoria.

Trevor and I took a short carriage ride to see a little of Victoria when we arrived there.

Craigdarroch Castle, Trevor and I really thought this was a cool place!!

The Parliament Building.

The Empress Hotel where Trevor and I stayed. It is over 100 years old and it was really cool inside!!

Jeff and Lisa picked us up and took us to the Butchart Gardens, it was really cool and we had a lot of fun with Jeff and Lisa!!

Lisa and Jeff.
This is a public school in china town.

Picky Eaters!!

All of my boys are very picky eaters, I don't know where they get that from!!:) But I have never known a kid to be picky about what kind of SUGAR cereal he will eat, come on now that is just ridiculous!! Mason was ticked when we gave him Captain Crunch, and was quite pleased when we finally figured out he wanted to have Fruit Loops.

Little Boys and Dump Trucks!!

My Boys love to drive their dump trucks all over outside, it is amazing how much time they can spend playing with a dump truck outside, this is the first time Mason has ever been able to play with the dump truck now that he is old enough to be walking when there is actually decent weather!!

Wrestle Mania!

If ever Trevor thinks about sitting on the floor for any kind of reason the boys look at it as an open invitation to jump all over him and wrestle until inevitably someone gets hurt, but it is all worth it if they get to play with Dad!!

You Can NEVER Have TOO Many Toys!?!

Trevor thought that I needed a motorcycle so we can go on rides together, so he bought my brothers motorcycle for me, but I will not learn to ride it until this little fellow in my belly decides to grace us with his presence. Trevor has plenty of fun on it for all of us, plus it is small enough for him to give the boys little rides around our property and they love that!! Trevor and Jon Spear had a good time riding the bikes when we went camping over Memorial Day weekend!!

Mason really thinks it is pretty cool!!