Thursday, May 21, 2009


Trevor took the day off for my birthday so we packed the boys in the car and headed to Galveston to go to the beach. We had a lot of fun playing in the water, the boys loved it and could have dug in the sand all day!!Since we had so much fun in Galveston the following weekend Trevor decided we should go to Corpus Christi and check out the beach there. I decided since it was about a four hour drive I would keep the boys up from their naps so they would sleep in the car on the way to the hotel, I didn't have much luck keeping them awake!!Porter thought he was pretty funny with the shower cap they provided at the hotel!! He kept saying he was the, "muffin head man". What little weird-os!! :)

Brody thought the mirror in the hotel was pretty fun!!We stopped at this fun surf and beach shop!! The boys liked that we got to walk into the sharks mouth to go into the store!!Digging for sand crabs!!When we got home I made them strip down from their swim trunks so we could minimize the sand in the house and Porter sat right down to eat a bowl of cereal without getting some undies on, sooooo wrong, but I couldn't resist getting a picture!! :) Fun weekend!!


Papa Jim and Grandma Carol came and spent the weekend with us over Papa Jim's Birthday! We had a fun visit with them and Papa Jim, Trevor and the boys spent Sat. morning building rockets and then we all went to watch them shoot the rockets off in a big field by our house. The boys loved it and Carol, Brody and I sat far away watching them launch them then chasing them down trying to find them again. When the boys were all burnt out with the rockets Papa Jim taught Garrett how to ride his bike and attempted with Porter but was never able to let go of him because he leans to the side too much. Thanks for all your help Papa Jim!! :)

Garrett quite proud of himself for riding his bike all on his own. No confidence issues with this one. While we were packing up after we were done he says, " I am the best bike rider, I probably should get a ribbon or trophy or something!" So Trevor made him an award certificate with his name on it that says, "Certified On Two Wheels" This award is presented only to those who show their bravery and balance by riding a bike without training wheels. Then it is signed by, Trevor Stephenson, Head Training Wheel Inspector, TX USA. What a GOOD DAD!! :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I can't believe my little baby is already nine months, this post is a little late but these pictures were taken when he turned nine months. He got his first tooth when he was 8 months and he got his second tooth the day he turned 9 months, that is old for my babies the others got there first two teeth when they were 6 months. I think Brody was teething since before six months though, cutting teeth is hard on this little man which makes it hard on me, not so fun! He is a fun little guy besides the teething, he loves to crawl around and pull him self up to things. He loves to play on the boys train table and brush his teeth. All in all he is getting so old and trying to keep up with his big brothers. He is weighing in at 22 lbs. and 27 1/2 inch. long.

When I was trying to get pictures of Brody at nine months, Porter was following me around pretending to take my picture. Kids are too funny!


A family event at the Tea Party in San Antonio, TX at the Alamo. Trevor's parents joined us and we had a good time supporting our beliefs.

Lots of fun posters to read, and lots of interesting people, (fun for a people watcher)! :) Glen Beck speaking.
This is when we first got there, we sprayed the kids down with sun screen and this is Mason closing his eyes and his MOUTH so he doesn't get sun screen in them. Silly little man!! Gotta love him!! :)I have never seen so many Porta-potty so I thought I better get a picture!The kids had such a good time, they actually were upset when we had to leave, who would think four little boys would like a tea party, but when you have a Grandma that brings lots of treats anything can be fun!! It was so funny the boys would yell, scream, and cheer with the best of them. Carol and I hung out with the boys while Grandpa and Trevor tried to get as close as they could. Brody was such a good sport hanging out!

The boys were so excited that someone stopped and gave them each a "Fair Tax" sticker.