Friday, January 29, 2010

Fun Memories:

I was thinking of this a couple of days ago and thought I should write it down so I would always remember it:

When Garrett was just learning to talk we would ask him to say something and if he didn't know how to say the word he would just say, "WOOF, WOOF!" He loved to see the dogs when we were out and about when he was really little before the faze of him being terrified and screaming bloody murder if he came in sight of a dog. What fun memories I have of my BIG BOY!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mom: "Porter do you miss Dad?"
Porter age 4: "Not apparently!"
Mom: "What?!!"

Trevor has been gone on business the last couple of weeks for a few days out of the week and so I was asking Porter if he was missing him because the first week he would come down choking back tears at the most random times telling me he misses Dad. It was really quite sad but after that first week he has been golden!! He has always tried to be the brave one while Garrett is so emotional when it comes to his Dad being away.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More pictures of our CHRISTMAS ADVENTURES....

Okay sorry for more pictures of Christmas but Carol asked me to put her pictures on Shutterfly and I just couldn't resist putting these on mainly because I have started turning my blog into a book after each year ends and I wanted to remember these memories!! Santa came to visit us at our ward Christmas party! The boys were so excited with the exception of Brody. Picture below is Garrett giving him a hug as he arrived to the party. How sweet!! :)Porter and Mason did much better with Santa here rather then the one we saw at the Library because they had their big brother Garrett to show them he wasn't scary............Brody didn't buy it though!!!!It wasn't even better when Dad was holding him. The things we put our poor little babies through!!! :)Arizona. We made a terrible attempt to attend church but only lasted about 5 minutes of sacrament before I had had it with my little boys, in all fairness to them I was definitely really grouchy from lack of sleep and may have over reacted!!! Anyhow, this is Garrett with his only girl cousins on Trevor's side right before church. Aren't they so CUTE!! Riley, Garrett and Bailey.John and Jada came for Sunday dinner with their cute little kiddos. We had a lot of fun getting see them and visit with them for a little bit!!Trevor and John playing Madden 10, Trevor's absolutely favorite thing to do while we were in AZ. I swear this was my view most of the time we were at Emily's house. He has been deprived of some major needed male bonding over the age of 6!!!Even Brody and I were able to make a car together!!! :)We had some fun times at a couple of parks!!!Lots and LOTS of time spent out in the back yard playing, my boys LOVED IT!!! We need a yard SO BAD!!! :(Lots of Band Hero was played.. ...and not just the kids. Once the kids were down for the night us adults would bust out a little band hero. I even played a little. I mainly loved to watch!! ;)I just couldn't resist posting these sweet blue eyes. I just love them to death!!!!Christmas morning. Trev and his cute little niece, Riley. Wouldn't he look cute with a little girl of his own?!!! I loved watching him with her!! Porter and his SCARY PIRATES!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Garrett lost his second tooth today during school and his teacher sent him to the nurses office where the nurse sent him home with a note telling me he lost his tooth and gave him a little chest to put his tooth in so he can get a visit from the Tooth Fairy. How funny!! He is pretty excited about the Tooth Fairy coming for the second time. I am glad I am home for it this time!! ;) He asked me if we can keep the blinds open so the Tooth Fairy can get in easier. I told him that it shouldn't be a problem since he or she has already come before and he said I know he or she knows where we live but it is just easier for him or her and then maybe I can see the fairy when it comes! :) No fun story about how he lost it, he said his tongue just pushed it out!!


Brody LOVES to watch people and mimic what they are doing!! He was watching Trevor during dinner the other night eat his spaghetti noodles like this and decided it was a good way to go..... I don't think it gets much cuter then this!!!!

I'm SO GLAD when DADDY comes HOME....

Trevor went out of town for about a week to take care of some business matters and the boys missed him so much, it was pretty sad!! They were so excited when he got home they wanted him to read them the Peyton Manning football book that Garrett checked out at the library from school. As soon as dinner was over Mason was ready for "NAKED TIME", which is him in his underwear and so the rest of the boys decided to join him. Brody could not be left out he even wanted to be wearing underwear like them, he can be quite demanding!! They were so cute all huddled around Trevor so excited, I loved watching them!! I am so glad that Trevor is such a good Dad and that the boys love him to death!!

Brody and Mason may have been having a battle over the football. Can you tell by the look on Mason's face?! ;)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Little Super Heroes:

Mason says, " I am going to be Spiderman when I grow up."
Porter says, " No, you can't. It is REALLY HARD to get that job!"

These little guys sure know how to make a girl smile!! LOVE IT!! =)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


On New Years Day we took the kids to the Houston Zoo because it was FREE. We were not the only ones to take the free day advantage, but through the Masses of people we were still able to see some fun animals and had a good time. I just thought I would put this random picture of me cleaning the boys faces off before we head into the zoo. Why is there always the most random pictures like this one from Trevor the photographer? =)This is a Giant anteater, such a strange looking animal.This reminds me of the fact that we live in TEXAS!!Momma and baby giraffe.I can't remember what these were called but you would think they are related to a zebra but they are actually related to the giraffes.One of the few breaks in the crowds of people.Me and my handsome little Brodster..All my sweet, handsome men!! =)When we got home the kids wanted to play pirates so I pulled out this little outfit Aunt Emily gave to the kids to dress up and and I thought it was too funny!! Mason LOVED IT!!! Thanks Emily!! =)This was a little pop-up pirate ship Garrett got for Christmas, Grandma Carol found it at Ross and the kids loved it!! This little face of Brody's makes we want to just bite his little cheeks!! I just think he is so YUMMY!!!


Our Little Christmas Tree
We had the chance to meet Trevor's whole family in Arizona for Christmas! Trevor's sister Emily and her family was so nice to invite all of us and our families to stay with them in their home. We all had one bedroom for our whole family to sleep in with Grandpa and Grandma Carol in the living room. There was 26 of us stuffed in her little house and it was so much fun!! The cousins LOVED playing together even after a week they were as happy as could be with each other, such good buddies. It was so fun to watch the kids play and have such a good time together!! We really enjoyed getting to visit each night with all the adults while the little ones slept. Thank you to Matt, Emily and their sweet little kids for letting us all take over your house and so generous in letting us use all of your things and sharing your toys so well with all of the kids. We hope we didn't do to much damage!! We already miss everyone!! The pictures below are the present from Grandma and Grandpa for all of the grand kids, it is a really cool place called, "RIDE MAKERS," the kids all got to pick out a car body and wheels and any little dadoes you want to put on your cars and then you get to put them together right there. It was a huge hit!! The kids loved them!!

Trevor was able to take a trip with the boys and go shooting!! He loved it and I am so glad he was able to go do something fun for just him with some guys!! He hasn't made many buddies here in Texas yet, so he was in need of some male bonding!!

On Christmas Eve we were able to go and hike the White Tank Mountain with the family and it was a lot of fun and the kids loved it!! It was fun to see all the really big cactus up close. We did it last year on Christmas Eve, too.

Mason loved his cousin Carson who was so good with him and always helping him with what ever he needed or wanted. It was so fun to watch them.

Garrett's favorite cousin is Nate.

Porter loved playing with Bailey and I saw them together a lot but he says his favorite cousin is Robby.

Brody loved Scout the dog and loved anyone who would play catch with him!!

The Whole family......All the cousins watching a little show to get calm down for playing Christmas songs on the chimes...Grandpa reading about the Nativity, he even had real frankincense and myrrh and warmed them up on a hot coal so all the kids could smell them.Porter thought the frankincense and myrrh was smelly!! He kept plugging his nose, silly guy!!Christmas morning we had the kids open their stockings in the little room we were staying in so we could get the full affect of their reactions, they are so much fun!!Porter & Mason got just what they asked for Scary Pirates!!When we let the kids out to go open the rest of their presents they were so excited to go and show everyone what they got in their stockings!! =)Porter wrote Santa and asked for a scary pirate ship and scary pirates.Mason asked for the same as Porter. They are such good buddies and love playing pirates while Garrett is at school.Garrett asked Santa for a remote control car and walkie talkies.Brody has a HUGE fascination with balls. I know most kids probably do and I know all the rest of my boys did but not quite like this little man. He is so cute about it so you guessed it he got a couple of balls and a tool box.All of the cousins on Christmas morning. They were all so good about sharing all of their Christmas presents with each other, I was really amazed at how well all of them treated each other!! Talk about some GREAT KIDS!!