Friday, February 18, 2011

Private Ryan McCombs

I can't believe my little brother Ryan just got back from boot camp. He has joined the Army reserves and now my Dad and all 3 of my brothers have served or are currently serving in a branch in the military. It seems so crazy to have my baby brother all grown up especially when I think about the years between him and I are 11 and the years between him and Garrett are 11. By the time Ryan is my age Garrett will be Ryan's age. Now that is just a scary thought. Anyhow, this night Ryan was going to a ball for his company and there he was promoted. Very exciting. Good job. My boys just think he is pretty darn neat. They love their Uncle Ryan.

"Angry Eyes"...

Well my Mom thinks that if someone hasn't already there needs to be a children's book on the baby pirate. Brody is so funny when he is pretending to be a pirate or any "bad" guy for that matter he holds pretty firm to the character and is constantly coming up to me and telling me, "I hurt you." with his 'angry eyes' on, his pacifier hanging out of his mouth and his Monkey Moo dragging behind. He is too funny and just so darn cute. My Mom really thought I had better capture it on camera and it turned out to be a lot harder then I thought. He can hold firm until the camera comes out and then he just wants to smile. The boys love to dress up and be pirates, cowboys, superheroes, and Vikings.

Another New adventure for poor Monkey Moo is that Brody thinks it is so funny to stick his tail in his ear and act like he is on the phone. He came up to me the other day with his monkeys tail in his ear and says, "Mom....look phone. Look phone......Hello.....Hello....Mom....Look" and then starts laughing. He is really quite the character. In Trev's words..."Who wouldn't love my Brody??!"Half hearted angry eyes...Pirates with their monkeys are the scariest...My cute little Porter-Roo...The boys love to put in these nasty teeth... I love how he is holding the gun to shoot with both hands...The "ANGRY EYES"...Not quite sure what is going on here. Superhero Pirate with a scary face???I do love my Mase-O-Rooni too but he for some reason he has the hardest time taking a good picture he always manages to have his eyes closed and be pulling some weird face that doesn't even look like him and so he didn't make the cut this time. I couldn't handle putting on a bad picture that doesn't show his real cuteness.

I also wanted to write down that the boys were so sweet the other week. I went up stairs to get them ready for school and they had made their best attempt to make their beds. For those of you who may not know me real well I am a CRAZY person that has to have things just perfect or I can possibly be driven to the loony bin. I am at the first step towards recovery because I can admit it. : ) Although I really don't think I will be fully cured. Anyhow, I thanked the boys and told them how sweet they were to do such a nice thing and then Garrett says to me, "Mom....but don't remake them pleeeease.......Are you going to remake them???" I just smiled and thought, Trev is that you?? Trevor would attempt on quite a few occasions to make our bed and then tell me not to remake it and sometimes get hurt feelings when after he left I would. I know I am so mean. Sometimes I could resist and let it go but usually only when Trev was hanging out at the house and I was afraid he would catch me in the act. I know, right?? "SICK"!!! Anyhow it made me smile all day thinking of that and yes when the boys left for school I remade the beds. That night as Garrett was getting into bed he says to me, "Mom, I know you remade the beds." I said, "You do.... how do you know??" He says, "Because they are way nicer." So funny but he didn't have hurt feelings. I still love how sweet they were to do that and then they kept it up for a couple of days and one day I did let them keep them that way. I was quite proud of my self. I often wonder what Trev gets to see and know and if he heard Garrett and I that day and was laughing at us. I miss him teasing me. Love that sweet boy.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Trevor Andrew Stephenson

It is amazing how quickly life changes. I have been looking back at pictures of the earlier life of Trev and I and it is crazy how much we had gone through in our short 8 years of marriage together. I can't believe it has already been 6 months since my sweet Trev has passed away. The physical pain has eased but I still miss him everyday and think about him no less then a million times a day. The things I miss most are his wonderful smile and laugh. I miss him kissing me on the forehead and then whispering to me, "Do you know what that's for?" Me, "Why???" "Because I love you so much." I miss him pulling me close to him and at the same time telling me, "I feel like your so far away." I miss his love licks & bites, he would be really naughty and give me a big slimy lick where ever was easiest to get to on my face or bite and when I would get upset he would say that they were "love licks." I miss his big hugs and his twinkle in his eyes. I miss being partners in life. I miss falling to sleep on the couch with my legs in his lap. I miss his love for life and his sweet way of teaching our little boys. I miss his goofiness and him and I fighting over covers in bed until one of us pushes the other out of bed and we are dieing laughing because we will never grow up. I miss how he played with the boys and how they lit up when ever they saw him. I miss making birthday cakes with him. I miss how he served others. I miss him getting so excited over what his friends or family had going on. He has such a sweet love for his friends and family. I miss our long drives and our adventures. I miss him so much their is no way I could ever even begin to explain it. I so miss biting on his eye brows and ear lobes. He is my best friend in the whole world and I am so grateful for the gospel and the hope it gives me that we will be together again for eternity as a family. I am so blessed to have had the time I had with Trevor and have his wonderful influence in my life and I am sure I will continue to think of him everyday of my life until we meet again....