Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It's really starting to feel like Christmas now!! I can't believe it snowed today, yesterday we were hot and running the air conditioning wearing our shorts and today we were freezing with our heater not working and it being 30 DEGREES outside and SNOWING!! I can't complain I actually really LOVE the snow!! The even better part is I know I won't have to drive in it because it couldn't possible stick around in Houston, right!?!......We shall see!


Garrett and I decorated the Christmas Tree this year all by our selves. ALL of the boys got sick right after our VERY fun Thanksgiving trip to Mississippi to have a wonderful time playing with Trevor's sister Amanda and her family!! The boys absolutely loved playing with all of their FIVE boys!! We went alligator hunting, unfortunately we didn't get to see any, and we had a nice trip to MSU, not to mention the fantastic Thanksgiving feast and every other meal for that matter, Amanda's husband Bob is a GREAT cook!! Thanks you guys for taking us in!! (I felt so bad we forgot to bring our camera, we could have gotten some really cool pictures)!! That brings me back to our Christmas tree, since everybody was sick Garrett was the only one who felt like helping, the others laid on the couch and watched. Garrett loved it and gets so excited, he was a little bumbed when he found out we are not going to be having Christmas here and wanted to know if we could take the Christmas tree and their stockings with us to Arizona. We settled on just bringing the stockings!!

This is just random, I can't believe how BIG my little Mase-A-Baby is getting!!