Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Sweet Little Baby......

This is what my sweet baby looks like when he hops into bed for nap or for the night.......his blankie in one hand and Monkey Moo in the other hand and of course not to forget the pacifier. Does it get much cuter then this?! He loves his nap time and bed time as long as he has these three very detrimental items. Brody one day in the last couple of months or so decided to adopt Monkey Moo from Mason and hasn't let him go since. He LOVES this monkey and when he gets up in the morning he tries to pull him through the railing of his crib and then once I get him out he tries to pull out his blanket and I continue to get him his blanket. He then proceeds to walk out of his room into his brothers room to watch cartoons with them while dragging his blanket in one hand and in the other hand dragging Monkey Moo by his tail. I think it is about the cutest thing I have ever seen. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to watch this little man and his brothers with him!! These are the sweetest days!! I will miss them dearly!!This is my CRAZY cute Porter!! I was so badly wanting to capture a picture of Brody dragging his little Monkey Moo around by the tail but as soon as I pulled out the camera he wanted to attack me and the camera and I couldn't get him to cooperate with me, so Porter says to me that he will take a picture with Monkey Moo, how sweet of him to try and make me happy!! I will have to try another day for the other picture, I hope I will be able to capture it because I will miss it so much once it is over!!! :(


Garrett has been making hats like crazy at school. This one is his latest the frog hat, who would of thought you needed a frog hat? I tried to get Garrett to wear it for me so I could get a picture like he has so many times in previous posts but he has had enough so Porter and Mason wanted to get a picture with it on. And here are my two cute little frog heads!! Love these boys SO MUCH!!!


The kids loved getting Valentine's and when we gave them theirs from Trevor and I they were so sad that they didn't have any to give us so they made us promise to help them make Valentine's for us after church on Valentine's day! What sweet kiddo's we have!! Brody even had to be in on the action, no stopping him now that he has learned to climb up onto the bench on his own!! He has to be doing what ever his big brothers are doing. He is there little echo. Unfortunately for me he doesn't like to color on the paper he prefers the table! :( Luckily it cleans up fine!! ;)

Grandma Carol went to the library and picked up a couple of movies for a $1 for the boys and one of them was a movie about Long John Silver and it was NOT a cartoon. So Porter puts the movie on and runs down stairs saying, "GARRETT I GOT THE HUMAN SHOW ON! THE HUMAN SHOWS ON!!" Kids are so funny, we don't watch a lot of shows that are not cartoons around here!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln!!!!

I love KG!!! This is my little Abraham Lincoln. They made these fun hats in school and I had to get a picture because of the built in beard, too funny!! The little poem on the hat says:
A very great man wore a very tall hat.
People were alike from where he sat.
He helped our country also to see
Our nation is founded on liberty!

Garrett wanted to get a picture wearing his glasses he got from his treasure chest for being good at school. Very fitting since they had their Valentine party on Lincoln's B-Day!!

My Little Smooth Talker!

My little smooth talker, (see post below).... I love this little boy, he is just so darn cute and funny.
He is such a sweet heart and I am so lucky to have him!!!! He came and showed me his Mr. Potato Spider and wanted me to take a picture of it and put it on the blog so here he is!!! :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The other day I was irritated with Porter (4 yrs) for goofing off while eating his lunch and getting butter all over his shirt, I HATE grease stains. He could tell I was upset and I am in the middle of trying to clean off his shirt that he is wearing and he says to me, "mmmm you smell goooood..........."( I give him an irritated look) and he says, " You look good, too......" I couldn't help but start laughing. He must get his smooth talking from his Dad!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Garrett (6 yrs old) is sick with a sinus and ear infection. We went to the doctor yesterday and got a prescription for his meds and as I am driving us home Garrett is looking at his medicine and he says to me, "Ah, it says, Dear Sir or Mam. I am sorry you are sick. I hope this medicine will make you feel better by tomorrow. Just kidding, I can't really read it, but I hope that is what it says!!" You might have had to heard him say it in his slow monotone voice. He cracks me up sometimes!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

100TH DAY OF SCHOOL.......

This kid is the best to dress up, he is such a crack up!! Today is his 100TH day of school and all the KG is dressing up like they are 100 years old. He came home from school last week and was so excited to tell me all about it and how to make his hair gray. Then he wanted to go to Grandma Carol's house and see if he could borrow her walker or cane that she has gotten because she just had knee surgery. Last week Grandma Carol had us over for dinner and Garrett blessed the food and in his prayer he asked for Grandma to get better quickly. Grandma thanked him and he says, "yeah, I want you to get better so I can use your cane for my 100TH day!!" Kids are so honest, too funny!!


I don't forget any holiday now that Garrett is in school. He loves to tell me about them ALL.... He made this Groundhog Day hat. I don't know what this face is but he loves to pull it out these days. This one is a little better, not quite a REAL smile but we will take it!!

Having a BALL.....

I know I have said it before but this kid LOVES balls!!! You will usually see him walking around the house with at least one but sometimes both hands filled with a ball. He just lights up so much when you play ball with him it is just the cutest thing EVER!!!! The other day he came down stairs and wanted to play ball with Trevor and I. He was being so cute I had to get it on camera!! This little man is so much FUN!!! ;)