Monday, June 22, 2009


Happy Father's Day!! The boys love their DAD!! It is fun to see the bond that the boys have with their Dad, they pretty much think he is about the best thing in the world!! I love what a sweet father Trevor is to the boys and I happen to think he is about the best thing in the WHOLE WORLD, TOO!! The boys and I tried really hard to let Trevor do his favorite thing for as long as he could on Fathers day and that is relaxing on the couch watching some show drinking a nice cold Coke!! The boys helped me make cinnamon rolls and orange juice for breakfast for Trevor while he slept in and while the cinnamon rolls baked the boys made him Father's Day cards. Garrett has been so excited about fathers day and very concerned about what he was going to get Trevor. Garrett decided all on his own to have the boys hide and he went up to get Trevor and ran down and hid and when Trevor came down they jumped out and said, " Happy Fathers Day!" They then gave him the cards they made, so proud of them selves!! They were so cute about it!! They continued to tell Trevor Happy Fathers Day for the rest of the day!! Garrett was even brave enough to go up and sing at church with the primary for the first time and he was so sweet, I could hear him singing!! He is such a funny kid!! Garrett said in his card he loves his Dad because he is funny!!

Porter said he loves his dad a lot because he is nice. He also made a card for Trevor in church and said his favorite thing to do with his Dad is go swimming!! He would NOT go sing in church, little stinker!! He is too shy!!

Mason loved every minute of helping with Trevor's breakfast and was so excited to give him his card and was very concerned about making sure he got his orange juice. He colored a picture and just wanted Trevor to know he LOVES HIM!!

Brody at 11 Months

I can't believe my little baby is going to be 1 year next month...... CRAZY!!! Brody is a funny, loud , smiley, sweet, and very crazy little guy!! He seems so much like a baby to me compared to my other little men at this age, I am not quite sure if it is because we baby him more and let him get away with everything, or just because I don't have a baby on the way, or if it is because he seems to be a late bloomer with a few things such as teeth. He only has two and my other boys had a least 6 or more by a year and maybe because he doesn't seem like he is even close to walking on his own and Mason was my last baby and he was walking a 9 months. Who knows? All I know is I am loving this little man and can't believe it has almost been a year!! WOW does time fly!?!

This is him howling like a little howler monkey that he is!!!! :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009


For our 7 year anniversary we were able to take a weekend getaway to San Antonio. Grandpa and Grandma Stephenson were so kind to take all four boys for two days and a night. So many thanks to them because it has been a wild year and it was a very much needed break!! We had a great time, we stayed in the Hotel Valencia on the river walk. The river walk was beautiful and full of tons of people. I love to watch people!! :)Our hotel and room, it had a fun view!!Lots of pictures of the river walk.Trevor and I eating at a fantastic Mexican restaurant!!Going upstairs to check out the little village and look in the shops!! We found this really fun copper shop, I so wanted to buy a copper pitcher but Trevor was so good and wouldn't let me spend the money! Copper things are so EXPENSIVE!! Maybe one day when our pocket book is a little deeper!! Trevor loved to point out all the things that reminded him of the Philippines. This is a banana tree in front of one of the shops. He says they are a lot healthier in the Philippines.The Alamo...... " The fortress known to history as "THE ALAMO" was originally built by the Spanish in the 18Th century. Named Mission San Antonio de Valero by Franciscan officials, the mission occupied the site 1724 until it was closed in 1793. The mission compound encompassed modern Alamo Plaza. The church was never completed and lacked a roof at the time of the famous 1836 siege and battle. Today this building is recognized world-wide as the Shrine of Texas Liberty. February 25, 1836 To Major General Sam Houston ........Our numbers are few and the enemy still continues to approximate his works to ours. I have every reason to apprehend an attack from his whole force very soon; but I shall hold out to the last extremity, hoping to secure reinforcements in a day or two. Do hasten on aid to me as rapidly as possible, as from the superior number of the enemy, it will be impossible for us to keep them out much longer. If they overpower us, we fall a sacrifice at the shrine of our country, and we hope prosperity and our country will do our memory justice. Give me help, oh my country! Victory or death! William Barrett Travis, Lieut. Col., Commanding"

The Botanical Garden
Trevor and I had fun playing with the timer on the camera!! :)

A pineapple plant.

A rock turtle!