Thursday, February 28, 2008


Yes that is right, I had my ultrasound and found out I am having boy number four!! I have to admit when I found out I was quite sad and shed a few tears. Did I say a few tears? I meant I cried for a few DAYS!! My Mom was so sweet to bring me those beautiful flowers to brighten my day. I really would have loved to have a girl, it is heartbreaking for me to think that I will probably not have the chance to have a mother daughter relationship! I have always dreamed of having a little girl, but I can't complain too much because I have been so blessed to be able to have children without any problems and I have three beautiful, healthy, SWEET boys!!! I love my little men to death and am sure this next one will fit right in with the others!! I am feeling much better about the new addition and can't wait to meet him!! If you have any name suggestions feel free to let us know, I always love to hear new names!!

Porter & Mason

Porter and Mason have become such good buddies while Garrett has been going to preschool. They play so well together and think one another is so hilarious. I love watching and listening to them play together!! They are so much fun!! Don't mind Mason's shirt he has a little bit of a leak in his lip or something, none of my other boys had such a drooling problem!!

Monster Truck Show

Trevor took Garrett and Porter to the Monster Truck Show with Jon Spear. The boys had so much fun, they love their Dad so much it is so fun to see them with their Daddy!!

Mia McKell Bibs

My good friend Lisa White has started her own business making designer bibs, burpies and aprons that are so adorable!! Here is Mason sporting a couple, he was so good with being my little model!! I love that they are so long and cover so much!! She has other styles and I don't have a picture of the aprons but they are sooo cute!! If you are interested she has a website @ Mia McKell Baby.


I couldn't resist posting these pictures of Mason!! He is such a silly little man, he has so much personality and loves making people laugh, he certainly thinks he is so funny. I have so much fun with this little guy!!


The boys were quite proud of their snowman they made with their Dad!! They had tons of fun playing in the snow this year sledding and making snow angels with Dad and a few of their cousins!!

We got more snow this year than I have ever seen in the last ten years that I have lived in Spokane. I measured about 11 inches out our front door. It was beautiful but I will be glad when spring comes and all the snow is gone!!

Christmas Time!!

We had a great Christmas this year!! It was so much fun with the boys, they get so excited about every little thing; writing letters to Santa, visiting Santa and Mrs. Clause at the North Pole, buying presents for everyone, visiting grandparents and playing with cousins, making cookies and decorating them for Santa on Christmas Eve night, reading Christmas stories and watching the 'Polar Express' and of course ALL THE PRESENTS!! We had a great time at Grandma and Grandpa McCombs Christmas Eve for dinner and presents. We love getting together with family and hanging out!! We missed Leigh and Kim and the kids now that they live in Utah!! Hope they had a great Christmas!! We loved having Grandma and Grandpa Stephenson come and join in on the Cristmas fun with the boys christmas afternoon and of course dinner with them and Matt, Meg and the boys!! We feel so blessed having so much family around us!! We also hope the rest of the Stephenson clan had a great Christmas with their families, we were missing them!!
After Santa came!!

The boys getting ready to head into bed Christmas Eve night.

Frosting cookies to leave for Santa!
Opening presents Christmas Morning!

Having fun with all the favorite gifts they got!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


This was mine and Trevor's first year making Thanksgiving dinner at home. Trevor made just about the whole meal as I wasn't feeling so good with the morning sickness and he did a wonderful job. The turkey however was a little dry and he forgot to take out the neck and whatever other gross things they have in the turkey for you to clean out. He didn't really forget he cut off something else he thought was the neck but soon realized after he started cutting the turkey that it is all in a bag for you on the other end!! At least the turkey looks good!! He completely redeemed himself with the homemade rolls. My mom makes the best homemade rolls which is what I look forward to every year and she so kindly gave us the recipe and they turned out wonderful which was all I needed anyway. The rest of the meal was great, too!! After we all got a nice good nap which is highly needed after the big turkey dinner we went to my parents house for dessert and had a good time visiting with them, my moms parents and my sisters and their husbands!!

Porter's 2nd Birthday!

Porter turned two in July but I thought I better add his birthday to the blog since Garrett and Mason's made it on since the blog was started after Garrett's big day.

Porter chose a tractor for his cake this year. One of the highlights of my boys birthday is getting to pick out what kind of cake they want us to make for them. Garrett and Porter love any kind of big machine that has to do with construction.

We went to River Front Park for the day as a family for Porter's big day and played in the big water fountain, rode the gondola, the carrousel and ate snow cones. We all had a blast!! After naps we had his new train table set up for him to play with and then headed over to Grandma & Grandpa Stephenson's house for more presents pluse cake and ice cream.
Porter also got to celebrate later with Grandma and Grandpa McCombs and Uncle Ryan at Dairy Queen which was a lot of fun and he was very excited to get a piggy bank from them to put all his money he makes working with his Dad!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mason's First Birthday

Happy 1st birthday little man. Mason got to have two parties one at Grandma & Grandpa Stephenson's house with them and Uncle Matt and Aunt Meg plus thier kids and one at our house with Grandma and Grandpa McCombs plus all the Aunts and Uncles and cousins on the McCombs side of the family!! Lots of fun to bad he was sick with an ear infection and a rash covering his face, he was a good sport any how and he made out with lots of fun gifts that his brothers were so generous in helping open!! Thanks everybody!!