Monday, November 7, 2011

Garrett is EIGHT!!?!!?!!!!

Garrett turned 8 and he sure thinks it is GREAT!! I can not believe that I have an eight year old. That is just insane. I am so OLD!! This birthday was quite an exciting one for Garrett and quite an emotional one for me. Garrett was SO EXCITED to start SCOUTS and get BAPTIZED!!!! Trevor and I had talked so many times about how weird it was going to be when Garrett turned eight and was able to get baptized. WE were going to feel so old when that happened. It was such a harsh reality for me to go through this event without Trevor. It was so difficult for me to truly enjoy this fun step with Garrett when Trevor wasn't physically with us, I am sure he was there in spirit but it is just not the same. Luckily we have such an amazing family and even Aunt Lou and Uncle Matt were able to come up and be here for the baptism and stay and play for a week. Thank you for all the distractions and fun times!!

Garrett's Birthday shirt...The birthday present he picked out because it had four guys for all of his brothers to be able to play with him...Garrett couldn't be more excited to be in scouts, especially because his Dad loved scouts and was a huge believer in scouts forming you in to a good man...My big boy all dressed up for his baptism...He chose to have Grandpa Jim baptize him...His best buddy Grandma Carol...He chose to have Grandpa Don do the confirmation...The boys were SO EXCITED for Garrett to get baptized. They were so cute watching him they absolutely LOVED it!!! I had to get up and give a short spot light on Garrett, it was amazing that I was able to make it through the whole thing. I am not sure if anyone could understand me through all the tears but Garrett loved it and wanted me to keep the copy I had made in case my mind went blank.....

Garrett Andrew Stephenson was named after his Dad. He was born in Spokane WA. He is the oldest of four boys. His brothers think he is a pretty great brother... most of the time. Garrett likes to run, ride his bike, play games, tell jokes and be silly. He loves school and is so excited to be in scouts. But most of all he loves playing and spending time with his family that surrounds us. Garrett loves the Gospel. He is such a great example to me. I often times find him reading his scriptures all on his own. He loves to bare his testimony. He even reminds me when it is fast Sunday and he wants to fast and has a purpose. Garrett loves to give service, just like his Dad. In fact for his birthday this year he wanted so badly to help in the church service project for the National Day of Service that he told me if I let him go that could be my birthday present to him. When he got home I asked him if that was the BEST birthday present EVER?!! And he said to me without skipping a beat, "Almost, but the best gift will be when I get baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Then I will be a member of the Church."
I am so proud of my big boy for choosing to get baptized and to follow our Savior's example. I know this church is true. I know if you live the Gospel teachings you will find the greatest happiness. I know our Heavenly Father loves us. I know Trevor loves his big boy and is so proud of him, I can picture him up in heaven bragging to everyone about what a great kid he has.

The next day at church Garrett was so excited to get up and bare his testimony and this is what he shared:

Hello, my name is Garrett and I would like to bare my testimony that I know that the church is true. And I got baptized and it felt good and I could feel the Holy Ghost. And I hope all you kids choose to get baptized. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

I can't believe I get to be the Mom of such a brave spiritual little man. I have never been that brave, not even today. I am so blessed with such amazing little boys!!


Nygards said...

What an awesome little boy you guys have raised!!! He was so prepared and ready. You are so great and please know I think about you often...