Saturday, April 24, 2010


Garrett's school put on a Mother and Son dance and it was a lot of fun because it is for all of the grades which meant that we got to go on a double date with his aunt Emily and cousin Nate. Emily and Nate picked us up and we had a good time watching the boys dance. I was a little surprised at how outgoing Garrett is, he doesn't take after his Mom in that department. We tried a shot inside......and outside.The theme was Sports so you were suppose to dress up in your favorite sports team jerseys or colors. Garrett let Nate borrow his jersey and Garrett wore Porters. Emily and I with our handsome dates! :) After the dance Emily and Nate introduced Garrett and I to a place called Yogurtz. You get to pick your own flavor of frozen yogurt and fill your own cup and put what toppings you want on it. It was a lot of fun and Garrett LOVED it!!

Nature Festival......

Last Saturday we met Emily's family and Grandma and Grandpa Stephenson at the Nature Festival at the Hassayampa River Preserve as described below on the sign. We got to see a few different kinds of birds up close, my favorites were the quail and hummingbird. We also got to see a couple of tortoises that were 4 years old and still so tiny. The particular ones that we saw live to be 60 years old and grow to be about the size of a basketball. I wasn't able to get pictures because Trevor had the camera with him on the hike to the river with the big boys.What sweet brothers.....There were some BIG cactus...Stuffed animals.......What big teeth you have.......They also had craft tables set up for the kids. Our kids made walking sticks......What a bunch of cute kids! :)We did a small hike with everyone including Grandma.....The nature we saw..........Trevor liked the hairy palm trees.There was this cotton like stuff floating all over the place.Trevor spotted this monstrous toad in the swampy water. Can you find him?!Grandpa, Trev and Matt took all the big kids on the hike to the river and this is what they found...... Grandma, me and the little boys stayed and that is when we learned so much about the birds and tortoises. :)

Easter Time.....

We made it to AZ for Easter and we had a good time going to the city's big Eggstravaganza event with Grandpa and Grandma Stephenson and of course Trevor's sisters family. The boys have been so excited to live by their cousins and have been enjoying every second they get to spend with them. They ALL get along so well. It is really nice!! This is a picture of the boys watching a cartoons waiting to go to the big event.
Brody on his first official egg hunt...... the city filled a couple of baseball stadiums full of eggs and candy and every half hour a new age group got to go out and clear out the field of goodies.Brody LOVED it and was so excited to show Dad all his goodies!!!He is running to Trevor! :)Eating the yummy treats he got....Emily, Riley, Me, Brody and Mason.Mason and cousin Riley right before their turn to go out. Mason says it was too bright. The sun was in his eyes, hence the funny face!!Showing off his goodies......Checking them out for himself.........Yeah, there was a pirate patch in one of the boys FAVORITE!!Next in line to go is the Crazy Porter and Crazy Cousin Jack..........Porter a little busy watching everybody else.......Then of course Garrett and cousin Bailey.......What a cute girl! :)Uncle Matt took out team Garrett and Bailey! Showing each other their goodies and prizes!!

Bailey, Nate and Garrett.What a cute picture of Grandma Carol and Porter!!
Brody was fascinated by the Easter Bunny, he didn't want to be up by him but loved to watch him from a distance and Papa Jim was nice enough to sit with him and watch the Easter Bunny for a good half hour or more. TOO CUTE!! :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On Our Way to ARIZONA....

Our trip to AZ was a success!! Grandpa and Grandma Stephenson were nice enough to take Garrett the big talker with them in the moving truck and so our whole ride of 19 hours was pretty quiet. The boys in our car did awesome!! We stayed in a small town on our way out of Texas and in the morning on our way out of town we saw a flock/rafter of Wild Turkeys of about 15 or 20 in some body's front yard.Brody was so cute reading the trashy magazine Grandma Carol gave me to look at on our big trip! :)


Trevor and I had the chance to teach this fun class of 13 kids, (ALL ACTIVE) while we were in The Woodlands 1st ward. We had a really good time getting to know them and they were so sweet and fun. So many girls all made of sugar and spice and the boys were a little more challenging but made for fun memories Trevor and I will have for years to come, I am sure! Brody was also part of the challenging boys. He is such a stinker and wouldn't stay in nursery. We tried the tough love and just letting him cry it out but the ladies in there said they couldn't take it it was just too sad! Brody, Trevor, Emma Parkins, Shane Tippits, Sterling Nelson, Eleanor Mann, Emri Beitler, Sara Rapp, Eva Wettstein, Madeline Griffiths, Elli Robbins, Gloria Cranney, Gloria's friend and Me. We were missing Michael Hillbig, Abby McPheeters and ? (it will come to me)